Conference “Is it time for changes in the Latvian energy sector?”

In the energy sector in Latvia we have seen the implementation of new, innovative projects in recent years. One of the last is the initiative of “Salaspils Siltums” Ltd. for the use of solar energy in district heating. For the most part, however, the practice and thinking of 10-20 years is still being carried on […]

Webinar “Funding models for the energy transition”

As part of the CIC2030 project, Dr. Aleksandra Novikova contributed to the webinar entitled Exploring Different Funding Models for the Energy Transition: Insights from a comparative analysis of the Landscape of Climate Finance in France and Germany. The webinar series is an activity of the EU Climate Investment and Finance Tracking Group. The group was […]

Mapping climate finance: Lessons learned from Czechia and Germany

Dr Michaela Valentova of CVUT spoke at the 16th European Conference of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) about the similarities and differences of the Czech and German approach towards financing the energy transition. Thereby, she focused on lessons learned from developing and analyzing German and Czech maps of climate and energy investment.

Contribution to the 16th Technical Working Group of the NECPs

On June 18, 2019, the European Commission published a communication assessing the draft National Energy Climate Plans (NECPS) of all Member States, along with specific recommendations and a detailed “Commission Staff Working Paper” for each Member State. Following these recommendations, Member States will have to submit their final NECPs by the end of 2019. An […]

Contribution to the Bennett Institute for Public Policy

As part of the “Brownbag lunch” series at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy, Dr. Michaela Valentova gave a lecture on “Tracking energy and climate investment flows – Climate Investment Capacity 2030”. Particular attention was paid to the importance of climate tracking and the coverage of investment flows by the NECPs. Downloads: PowerPoint CIC 2030 […]

Completion of the climate and energy investment map for Germany. Status report 2016

At the end of February 2019, the IKEM team presented the report on the status of climate and energy investments in Germany for 2016 ready. the report contains an overview of the snapshot of climate and energy investments. The flows of funding are illustrated from their origins through the brokerage and the financial instruments used […]

Contribution to the EUKI Academy Webinar

As a part of the CIC2030 project, Aleksandra Novikova, PhD, held the third EUKI Academy Webinar on the importance of tracking energy and climate investment flows, how it is done and what are the obstacles to tackle. The webinar series is part of the EUKI Academy of the European Climate Initiative and was initiated as […]

CIC2030 project launch event in Riga

The kick-off meeting in Riga aimed to include the main stakeholders in Latvia. The conception was presented through the presentations of the project partners in order to receive detailed feedback on the scope, methodology and schedule of the most important work results. In addition, close collaboration should be established with some of these stakeholders in […]

CIC2030 project launch event in Prague

The aim of the kick-off meeting in Prague was to present our project to the key players in the financial sector in the Czech Republic, to discuss our results with them and to pool their expectations, data and knowledge. Participating actors included representatives from the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Finance and the […]