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IKEM expands its management team

Susan Wilms joined the IKEM management team in January 2021

Susan Wilms joined the management team of IKEM – the Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility in January 2021. Together with Simon Schäfer-Stradowsky and the IKEM Board she will shape the institute’s future.

The new structure of the management team follows the continued growth in personnel as well as the successful expansion of the institute’s research activities. Founded in 2009, IKEM currently employs over 50 people and is involved in 55 projects. In 2020, the institute’s revenue increased to approximately three million euros.

“It was important for us to initiate the extension of the management now and to create structures that are necessary for an institute of our size. That’s why I proposed to the board that Susan Wilms be added to the management team. With her extensive expertise and excellent work as a team and project leader, Susan Wilms is the ideal choice for this task,” says Simon Schäfer-Stradowsky.

Prof. Dr. Michael Rodi, Scientific Director of the IKEM: “I am proud of IKEM’s development. With the addition of Susan Wilms to the management team, we are continuing on our successful path and guaranteeing further excellent research on climate protection as well as the energy and mobility transition.”

“The open structures at IKEM have made it possible for me to take on responsibility from the very beginning and now to take the step into management,” says Susan Wilms. “I am looking forward to the challenges and tasks that await me in my new position.”

Susan Wilms is a legal expert and has been working at IKEM since 2016. Her work and research focus has been on energy law, where she specialized in legal aspects of the energy transition, sector coupling and hydrogen as a team and project leader.

Susan Wilms’ previous tasks as head of the energy law team will be taken over with immediate effect by Judith Schäfer and Bénédicte Martin.

Contact the management team:
Susan Wilms
Tel. +49 (0)30 40 81 87 022

Simon Schäfer-Stradowsky
Tel. +49 (0)30 40 81 87 021

Press Contact:
Adrian Röhrig
Tel. +49 (0)30 40 81 87 017

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