Together with Siemens, the IKEM is conducting research on the legal aspects of the electrification of highways for road freight transport.


With its ENUBA research project, Siemens AG wants to demonstrate that electromobility is also possible for trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles. For this purpose, a concept for the electric, overhead wire operation of heavy commercial vehicles (E-Highway) was developed and its technical feasibility was demonstrated. With the E-Highway, CO2 emissions from road freight transport are to be saved and local pollutant and noise emissions avoided.

For the project, IKEM is preparing an expert opinion on the legal aspects of the electrification of highways as an E-Highway. The report examines the legal feasibility of setting up a nationwide overhead line infrastructure on German federal highways and operating them with hybrid trucks with overhead line capability. The report also analyzes the establishment of a test route on an existing federal highway. Furthermore, it examines how the E-Highway concept can also be implemented uniformly throughout Europe.


The research results were taken up in the follow-up project ENUBA II and supplemented by additional legal studies.


ENUBA – Elektromobilität bei schweren Nutzfahrzeugen zur Umweltentlastung von Ballungsräumen

Principal: Siemens

Funding programme: Erneuerbar mobil

Project partner: Siemens

Duration: 08/2011–09/2011