The goal of the project is to increase the economic viability of charging stations through cross-operational use.

Charging station Pexels/Kindel Media


Despite increased efforts by various players to build charging infrastructure, a common problem remains: existing charging stations are not always optimally utilized.

In the FAMOUS project, a software solution for reserving and sharing charging stations is therefore being developed and pilot tested. The so-called asset sharing aims to enhance the cost-effectiveness of industrially utilized charging stations, thereby promoting a widespread transition of the mobility sector to electrified propulsion systems.

IKEM is leading the market and requirement analysis of the project.

The asset sharing software to be developed will enable charging station owners to offer their charging stations for use at times when they do not need them themselves. Users can book the reservable time slots and thus obtain reliable access to charging stations.

When designing the business model for asset sharing, incentives for participation in charging station sharing are defined for all market participants – both for providers and users of the charging stations as well as their operators. Both B2B and B2C use cases will be tested.

In addition to the software solution to be developed with open interfaces to other systems, the project will also answer questions about billing, access to the depot, and the required framework contract structure. Due to better predictable charging processes based on reservations by the users, the grid condition forecast of the electricity grid operator is also optimized. In this way, network operators can react preventively to critical network situations.

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