Climate roadworks: How can we decarbonise road freight transport?

When it comes to moving goods, trucks are currently the most popular choice: The total capacity of freight transport on German roads has doubled over the last three decades and it now accounts for about three quarters of all freight transport. This development makes commercial road vehicles a backbone of our economic system but also […]

How fleet quotas and emissions trading contribute to the mobility transition

Bus der VLP

As part of the EUniS project, IKEM published factsheets that delve into the European Clean Vehicle Directive (CVD) and greenhouse gas quota trading. These factsheets are specifically designed to examine the effects of these instruments on public transport fleet operators. By 2030, the share of clean buses in Europe should be increased to 65 percent. […]

Germany and France must lead the way on electric road system technology

Oberleitungs-LWK auf einem eHighway-Testfeld

In a study published today, IKEM examines scenarios and frameworks for the extensive implementation of electric road systems (ERS) in the EU. If appropriate preconditions are met, ERS has the potential to contribute to the decarbonisation of the transport sector by providing energy for heavy-duty transport. The study concludes that the European framework requires and […]