IKEM Academy “Energy and Climate”

The IKEM Academy invites researchers and experts from all over the world to exchange ideas on climate change and the energy transition.

IKEM Academy participants



The IKEM Academy is a world-renowned multidisciplinary forum for highly qualified researchers and professionals who want to learn more, think more, and do more for the global energy transition.

The IKEM Academy programme offers engaging seminars led by experts in energy- and climate related fields. Academy participants also enjoy hands-on skill building workshops and tour local renewable energy facilities for a close-up look at the cutting edge technology behind the energy transition. And of course, the Academy provides plenty of opportunities for participants to network with international researchers, professors, students, corporate executives, community leaders, and decision-makers working to develop innovative solutions to today’s climate and energy challenges.



Previous IKEM Academies:

2023 Earth 2050: transformative strategies for a climate-positive planet (Berlin, DE)
2022 Our energy future: Innovation and participation to reach our climate targets (Berlin, DE)
2021 Climate change at a crossroads – opportunities and challenges for global green recovery (Online, DE)
2020 Climate countdown – the next phase of the energy transition (Online, DE)
2019 Social innovation in the energy transition (Berlin, DE)
2018 Roadmap to a low-carbon future: policy and finance for climate action (Greifswald/Berlin, DE)
2017 Towards 100% renewable: Connecting energy sectors for a global ­energy transition (Greifswald/Berlin, DE)
2016 Sustainable Cities: Low-Carbon Policy for the Urban Energy Transition (Greifswald/Berlin, DE)
2015 Governing Climate Change: A Multi-­Level Approach to Energy System Transformation (Greifswald/Berlin, DE)
2014 Energy Transition 2.0: Further Deploy­ment and Market Integration of Renewable Energy (Berlin, DE)
2013 Climate Change and the Energy Challenge: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources (Brüssel, BE)
2012 Energy Transition: Expansion and Integration of RES (Berlin, DE)
2011 Socio-Economic Opportunities and Drivers on the Way to a Low-­Carbon Society (Guildford/London, UK)
2010 Transnational Energy Grids: Challenges on the Way to Sustainable Energy Transmission (Greifswald, DE)
2009 Bridging the Divide in Global Climate Policy 2.0: From Bali to Copenhagen (Amsterdam, NL)
2008 Realizing the Paradigm Shift towards Energy Sustainability: Climate Change, Technological Innovation, and the Challenge of an Optimal Instrument Mix (Greifswald, DE)
2007 Bridging the Divide in Global Climate Policy: Strategies for Enhanced Parti­­cipation & Integration (Budapest, HU)
2006 Emissions Trading in Europe – Review and Preview (Greifswald, DE)
2005 Implementing Kyoto – Chances and Challenges for Transition Countries (Irkutsk, RU)
2004 Transition from Nuclear Energy to Renewable Energy Sources (Greifswald, DE)



IKEM Academy "Energy and Climate" (bis 2018: Summer Academy "Energy and the Environment")

Project partner: Universität Greifswald

Duration: 07/2004–