In the metropol-E project, IKEM explores how cities can electrify and optimize the use of their municipal fleets.


Project Using the city of Dortmund as an example, the metropol-E project examines the electrification of municipal fleets and the integration of locally generated, renewable energy. The project also aims to improve fleet utilization and optimize charging times through intelligent charging infrastructure as well as new reservation and billing systems. The goal is to provide city employees with a climate-neutral option for business trips.

IKEM is responsible for the accompanying legal research for metropol-E and examines which government agencies can contribute to the promotion of the charging infrastructure. The project partners developed a funding and incentive system that will be examined for its compliance with European law and constitutional law by IKEM.


metropol-E: Elektrisch unterwegs in Dortmund

Principal: Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Funding programme: Förderrichtlinie Elektromobilität

Project partner: ewald & günter, PTV AG, RWE, Technische Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Dortmund

Duration: 01/2012–12/2013