ORCHESTRA synchronises different modes of transport to develop a modern transport management system.

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The project ORCHESTRA is simplifying the usage and coordination of public transit. To achieve this goal, the project will design multimodal traffic management concepts that can be used in urban and rural areas. The theoretical findings will be tested in two pilot sites in Italy and Norway. Local stakeholders such as the ministry of transportations, politicians and inhabitants will be involved in the process.

IKEM will work on judicial and economic questions. We are focussing on analysing national and european legal frameworks and developing adaptation suggestions. Furthermore, IKEM is working on data protection and researching potential business models for the traffic management concepts.



Abdulghani Al Sabouni

Abdulghani Al Sabouni

+49 (0)30 408 1870-10

ORCHESTRA – Coordinating and synchronising multimodal transport improving road, rail, water and air transport through increased automation and user involvement

Principal: European Commission

Funding programme: Horizon 2020

Project partner: Applied Autonomy , Cerema , CertX , Deep Blue , ENAV , FSTechnology , Herøya Industripark , HES-SO , Information Sharing Company , IOTA Stiftung , ITS Norway , ROSAS Institut , S.E.A. , SINTEF , Statens Vesvegen , Technische Universität Delft

Duration: 05/2021–05/2024