ORCHESTRA project meeting in Berlin

Connected mobility for climate action

On gathered 17 international project partners for the third ORCHESTRA plenary meeting on 1 and 2 February 2023. The project aims to coordinate and synchronise the transport networks (road, rail, sea, air) with each other in order to achieve better and more resilient traffic management. The meeting in Berlin served to exchange findings and decide on the next steps for the project.

At the meeting, IKEM presented its preliminary findings on the current legal framework for multimodal traffic in Europe and organisational and business models for the traffic management concepts developed in ORCHESTRA. The researchers also identified projects, applications and mobility data centres in the EU that are relevant for the implementation of ORCHESTRA. Based on these findings, the partners discussed possibilities for expanding the project’s network in Europe.

One highlight of the meeting was a workshop that featured an interactive board game designed by the project to simulate the vision of a smooth and efficient connection between different transport networks as well as the challenges that multimodal transport must face. Working together to overcome these obstacles, participants found new ideas for improving the project’s traffic management models.

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The plenary meeting allowed the consortium to make progress on the project’s key goals, said Abdulghani Al Sabouni, Research Associate at IKEM’s Mobility department: “ORCHESTRA is all about designing multimodal traffic management concepts that can be used in both urban and rural areas. The presentations and workshops at the meeting provided new insights and perspectives that the researchers at IKEM will use to create viable business models for these concepts and make suggestions for a legal framework that supports their implementation.”

ORCHESTRA is a three-year research and innovation action project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program.


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