Public charging infrastructure in Braunschweig

IKEM supports the city of Braunschweig by determining the local demand for electromobility.



The city of Braunschweig aims to promote the construction of public charging infrastructure and plans to tender a concession for this task. Together with its partners, IKEM supports the city in the preparation and implementation of the concession process.

A key component of the concession will be the number of charging points to be set up. For this purpose, the IKEM will determine the future demand for charging points in Braunschweig and, based on this, calculate and visualize the needs for public and private charging infrastructure using computer models.


IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility e.V.

Support in the implementation of a “public charging infrastructure” concession in the city of Braunschweig

Principal: Stadt Braunschweig

Project partner: Becker Büttner Held , Becker Büttner Held Consulting

Duration: 06/2021–12/2021