Facing transformation: status quo and outlook for the heating sector

Visual for the Forum Wärmewende

The next edition of Forum Wärmewende, held on 22 April 2024, examines the current state of the heating sector in Germany and discusses what further steps are needed for a successful transformation of our heating supply. The speakers for the evening are Andreas Klingemann (German Association of Energy and Water Industries), Dr. Eva Bode (German Association of […]

Buildings as flexible stakeholders in the energy system

Decarbonization of the building sector is an important part of the energy transition, but little progress has been made to date. In order to be able to use more renewable energy as well as to stabilize the energy system, individual buildings or entire neighborhoods must be able to respond flexibly in the future to the […]

Motivating people to save energy: 100 studies from 25 countries show how it can be done


From information campaigns to monetary incentives, from voluntary commitments to games, 5-6 percent of household energy consumption can be reduced in the short and medium term through behavioural interventions, helping to mitigate the energy crisis. This is the conclusion reached by a new analysis for which Ariadne researchers from the Mercator Research Institute on Global […]