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IKEM develops scenarios and guidelines for the design of the future energy system and the transport sector.


There is a consensus that the climate targets agreed in the Paris Agreement of 2015 can only be achieved through a sustainable reduction in energy demand and an intensive increase in the generation of renewable energies. The growth of renewable energies in the electricity sector plays a particularly important role, as they will have to cover the rising electricity demand of the heating, industrial and transport sectors.

In order to derive guidelines for the design of the future energy system for the transport sector, IEK2050 develops scenarios for an energy system in 2050 including a coupling of all energy sectors. IKEM supports the project with analyses of the legal and regulatory requirements for the cross-sectoral integration of renewable energies. Among other things, the institute is in charge of screening the legal framework in the heating sector.



Susan Wilms, LL.M.Quelle: IKEM/

Regulatory framework for an integrated energy concept 2050 and the integration of renewable fuels

Principal: Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Project partner: Becker Büttner Held , Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme, Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik

Duration: 11/2016–06/2019