The project explores the deeper levels of energy transition planning.


PlanTieFEn takes us to three model regions: the Black Forest, the Rhine-Ruhr area and the Greifswald region. What needs to be understood here is how different cultural backgrounds interact with socio-technical, political and regulatory factors to influence the implementation of the energy transition. To this end, the project team works with local people in specially initiated planning laboratories and combines this transdisciplinary approach with expertise in planning and cultural studies. IKEM is specifically expanding the spectrum of energy research methods to include the concept of energy cultures, which we understand in transformative terms: Where are the leverage effects that enable energy transition planning to connect to the traditional as well as to concretise a region’s vision of the future, to provide it with inspiration and transformative momentum?


Planning transformation through the transdisciplinary integration of regional and socio-cultural factors in the planning of energy transition measures on site

Principal: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

Project partner: Institut für Landes- und Stadtentwicklungsforschung, Öko-Institut

Duration: 02/2023–01/2026