The Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book

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In Zusammenarbeit mit den Designern von Ellery Studio entstand das erste Malbuch zur Energiewende. Das Buch verpackt das komplexe Thema Energie- und Klimaschutzpolitik in einer Reihe von leicht verständlichen und spielerischen Infografiken, die nur darauf warten mit Farbe gefüllt zu werden!

English: IKEM teamed up with the design agency Ellery Studio to develop the first-of-its-kind Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book! The book tells the story of climate change and the energy transition in Germany in an accessible and lighthearted way, packed in a series of playful infographics to be colored in by you! In addition to providing a fun and meditative activity, this book also teaches you actionable steps to cool down our planet and live sustainably. From the dynamics of solar panels to the nitty gritty of the Paris Agreement, the book chock-full of factoids and helpful tips.