H2-ready power plants

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Hydrogen plays a pivotal role in the renewable energy system, ensuring secure electricity generation. As we embrace this shift, it is imperative for both new and existing power plants to be H2-ready. Join us at the Berlin Energy Round Table on February 28, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. at the Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and […]

The hydrogen economy needs a consistent legal framework

Green hydrogen is considered an essential building block for a sustainable energy system based on renewable energies. However, necessary generation and transport capacities are currently only starting to develop. The TransHyDE study now published by IKEM has examined the current German and European legal framework for hydrogen. The analysis, funded by the German Federal Ministry […]

Regulatory framework does not preclude imports, study shows

In a study published today, IKEM examines the legal framework for the import of renewable hydrogen and hydrogen carrier media from Australia to Germany. IKEM researchers conclude that the regulatory framework does not preclude imports. Hydrogen is a key technology for achieving climate goals. However, the market ramp-up envisaged by the national hydrogen strategy cannot […]

Hydrogen in the Energy Transition

The IKEM Research Academy, founded in 2020, aims to advance fundamental research, scientific networking and the promotion of young talent in interdisciplinary climate protection research, focusing on law. In March 2021, the IKEM Research Academy held its first doctoral seminar, which explored legal issues associated with the infrastructure of the energy transition. The upcoming seminar […]