Ammonia generation plant

In this project, IKEM examines the legal framework for the approval of ammonia generation plants.

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Ammonia is an energy carrier with great potential for the use in inland and maritime shipping – a sector that so far has made little progress towards decarbonisation. The aim of the CAMPFIRE research project is to develop new processes for the decentralised production of ammonia based on renewable energies and to establish ammonia as a maritime fuel.

This subproject develops a combination of wind power and PV plants, electrolyzer and ammonia generation plants. IKEM examines the legal framework for this plant combination, especially regarding state-sanctioned electricity price components and possible exemptions or privileges. The study will also determine legal requirements for the approval of the ammonia production plant.



IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility e.V.

CF06 – Development of action guidelines for the authorization of decentralized ammonia generation plants and certification of regeneratively produced ammonia.

Principal: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Project partner: ENERTRAG , Sunfire , Zentrum für Brennstoffzellentechnik

Duration: 05/2020–10/2022

Subproject of: CAMPFIRE