Sohjoa Baltic

IKEM is investigating the framework conditions for the approval and operation of driverless electric minibuses as part of public transport



Sohjoa Baltic is testing the use of automated driverless electric minibuses as part of the public transport service, primarily for trips from door to door. The project aims to strengthen environmentally friendly transport systems, through the integration of autonomous electric minibuses. For this purpose, the project aims to build up know-how for the development and operation of intelligent automated public transport systems. The efficient operation of such a service is based on a variety of legal and organizational requirements, for which appropriate guidelines will be developed. Sohjoa Baltic will put automated minibuses on the road in six cities in the Baltic Sea region.

For the project, IKEM investigates the political and legal framework in Germany and the European Union. On this basis, it will create an analysis system to review the respective legal and policy situation of the partner countries and to document best practice examples. The results will be compiled by IKEM and will be used to develop a roadmap for the legally compliant introduction of automated vehicles in public transport, including political recommendations for action.



Sohjoa – Baltic Sea Region transitioning into eco-friendly autonomous last mile public transport

Principal: Europäische Union

Funding programme: Interreg Baltic Sea Region

Duration: 09/2017–11/2020