Ukraine Roadmap

Aiming for climate-neutrality, sustainability, and EU-integration, IKEM and its partners present a way forward for Ukraine's energy sector.

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Together with European, Ukrainian, and global partners, IKEM is developing a strategy for a climate-neutral and sustainable energy sector in Ukraine. It will provide guidelines for the design and regulation of Ukraine’s energy market that will facilitate its integration into the European energy market while ensuring energy security and independence. The strategy will leverage clean tech innovations to achieve net-zero emissions, contributing to the climate goals of both Ukraine and the European Union.



As a first step, the partners conducted preliminary studies covering technical, financial, and legal perspectives on the current state and future of the Ukrainian energy sector. The studies and the corresponding recommendations for action were published in October 2023 and presented at an event in Brussels together with representatives of the Ukrainian government, the European Commission and other stakeholders.

In a second phase, the partners aim to establish a permanent and independent research platform – the Europe-Ukraine Energy Transition Hub (EUETH) – based in both Kyiv and Berlin that will:

  • develop an in-depth roadmap for the Ukrainian Energy Sector based on the preliminary studies and additional research
  • provide support for pioneering innovative technologies in Ukraine
  • offer trainings and knowledge transfer for energy professionals in Ukraine
  • support implementation, monitoring, and auditing of energy projects in Ukraine



Dr Simon Schäfer-StradowskyQuelle: IKEM/Jule Halsinger

Roadmap for a climate-neutral, sustainable Ukrainian energy sector and its role in an integrated EU energy market

Project partner: Becker Büttner Held , Breakthrough Energy , GOLAW , HORIZON 2

Duration: 10/2022–10/2023