Climate and Innovation

The energy transition offers a unique opportunity to create a sustainable, inclusive and just society for everyone!

IKEM investigates innovative ways of system transformation and makes the results available to a broad public using innovative communication formats such as the Energy Transition Coloring Book. We create visibility for sustainability issues and thus not only promote acceptance, but also advocate for the opportunities of the energy transition.

The debates about the construction of wind turbines and power lines show that the energy transition will only succeed if it is supported by society as a whole. In-depth knowledge of the challenges that climate change brings with it, as well as information on climate protection solutions and options for action, are central building blocks for social commitment and new ways of system transformation.

That is why IKEM researches social innovations and develops targeted communication strategies for sustainability issues. In this area it has been shown again and again that important information is often difficult to access for outsiders due to technical terms and cryptic abbreviations. For this reason, the IKEM develops formats such as the Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book to make complex topics tangible for a wide audience.

With numerous scientific collaborations, European and international projects, IKEM is also providing impetus for the energy transition outside of Germany. In addition, IKEM networks scientists and practitioners through interdisciplinary conferences, training courses and workshops. This also includes the renowned IKEM Academy, which has been bringing together leading energy transition experts from all over the world since 2004.

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