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New members for the IKEM Advisory Board

Expertise for climate action and the reconstruction of Ukraine

Participants of the IKEM Advisory Board Meeting 2023

The Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM) has appointed new members to its scientific and strategic advisory board. Thirty distinguished representatives from politics, business and academia will work with the Institute over the next three years to help identify research topics and implement projects – such as the development of a roadmap for the reconstruction of the Ukrainian energy sector.

In May 2022, the members of the newly appointed advisory board met for the first time and worked on research and project recommendations for IKEM. Working groups addressed topics such as electricity market design, hydrogen, digital and autonomous mobility, climate law and water, with a focus on the long-term reconstruction of Ukraine.

Building on the existing cooperation with the National Law University in Kharkiv, IKEM has expanded its support for Ukraine since the beginning of the war, says Prof. Christian Held, Chairman of the Advisory Board: “Together with Ukrainian, European and global partners, we are developing a vision for the future of the Ukrainian energy sector. With Dr. Barbara Hendricks and Dr. Valentyn Gvozdiy, we also have two new members on the Advisory Board who support us in this project and whose expertise in international energy and climate policy we can count on.”

“The destruction of the Kakhovka dam highlights the great challenges that the Ukrainian energy sector is currently facing. The reconstruction and repair of generation facilities and infrastructure will be a major task, which Ukraine can only accomplish with the help of its partners and viable strategies. I look forward to working with IKEM and the other members of the Advisory Board to develop ideas on how to successfully rebuild Ukraine and make it an integral part of the European energy market,” says Dr Valentyn Gvozdiy, lawyer and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ukrhydroenergo, Ukraine’s largest hydropower company and co-operator of the Kakhovka power plant.

Dr. Barbara Hendricks, former Federal Minister, adds: “International cooperation is a key prerequisite for effective climate protection and a successful energy transition. Ukraine’s ties to the European Union, which IKEM wants to support with the project, offer both sides great opportunities for the expansion of renewable energy supply and the achievement of climate goals. I am happy to contribute to this together with IKEM.”

“IKEM’s work has always thrived on the constant exchange between scientific research and relevant representatives from the business world and experienced policymakers. I am very pleased that we have been able to welcome so many deserving personalities from the most diverse sectors and disciplines to the IKEM Advisory Board. On behalf of the entire IKEM, I would like to thank all previous and current members of the Advisory Board for their commitment,” says Prof. Held.

Members of the IKEM Advisory Board

About IKEM

IKEM is a non-profit association and independent research institute with over 10 years of experience in interdisciplinary research on climate change mitigation. Its work explores issues at the intersection of law, economics and politics. The international team of around 60 scientists is dedicated to the most important questions of the energy and mobility transition and has worked on over 220 projects since the establishment of the institute.


Prof. Christian HeldQuelle: IKEM/Jule Halsinger

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